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Southeast Asian Movement at Yale

Submission Guidelines


We seek essays, reviews, op-eds, case studies, interviews, and other academic writing that display an engagement or concern for issues relating to Southeast Asia. We accept complete and unpublished pieces on a rolling basis. Alternatively, if the writing project is still in the earlier stages, abstracts of approximately 250 words are also welcome. Every submission will be expected to be rigorous, relevant, and clear. We prefer research and analyses that are specific, and we like stylish and accessible writing. 

Writing limits will range between 800 to 3,000 words depending on the type of submission. Submissions will be assessed by the editorial committee and, if accepted, will likely go through 2 rounds of edits before publication. The Journal uses the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition for citations. Email submissions and questions to southeastasianmovement@gmail.com

︎  Research Papers or Essays
Please submit essays in a .pdf or .docx document, with a word limit of no more than 3,000 words.
︎  Reviews or Op-Eds
We welcome book or article reviews and opinions of up to 1,200 words.
︎  Others
We welcome other forms of written expression. Please send us an email and we will get back to you.


We seek creative submissions that display an engagement or concern for issues relating to Southeast Asia, taken broadly to refer to any aspect of the region whether pertaining to history, ecology, geography, memory, migration, the diaspora, or other areas. Engagements with the shadow of American empire or the relations between the US and the different nations of Southeast Asia are also welcome.

︎  Translated Work
We welcome submissions of poetry or prose in translation from languages spoken predominantly in Southeast Asia into English. Please cite the author, the original source text, and permission where applicable. Please attach the text in its original language. We also welcome multilingual texts that feature different languages.
︎  Poetry
Please submit no more than 5 poems in a single .pdf or .docx document, with a cumulative length of no more than 200 lines.
︎  Prose
We welcome personal essays, short stories, prose-poems, or autobiographical writing of up to 3000 words.
︎  Hybrid work
We welcome works that integrate creative writing, photography, videos, or other media.